Blog » Why Buying Your Furniture Online Isn't Always The Best Way to Shop

Choices Online

There's so much choice out there, online that is. But buying furniture online isn't always the best option. Furniture is an investment. Sure the distance selling laws mean that you are perfectly within your rights to expect a full refund if you aren't happy with your new sofa, dining table, bed or occasional furniture. Being entitled to a refund though, is not as easy as it gets.

Returning a sofa when you have already disposed of or sold on your old sofa means that you are sure to be without one for a while. Then there's the inconvenience of getting it back out through that narrow doorway that the delivery guys took almost an hour to get the item through.

Sometimes things just don't look the same online as they do in-store. Size is often an issue in this case. Our customers are always surprised at how big that sofa they saw online is in reality. They realise it's got no chance of getting through the living room door, let alone fitting neatly up against the back wall like they had envisaged it would.

Try Before You Buy

That's what shopping is all about isn't it? We're so used to buying and sending back, that we've forgotten that real life shopping is actually a pleasure. When it comes to buying furniture, the sit on it first option is always a winner. It might look super-soft online, and you might have thought Oooh super comfy, but too soft and it may not actually suit your needs. Sitting on your new sofa is one sure fire way to know if that one is actually for you.

Bring your measurements in and we'll make sure that it's just the right size for your room. It's always good to get that professional reassurance.

Our showroom is extensive and we offer a second-to-none customer service experience. The art of selling is not just about the bottom line, it's about people and building a rapport so that our customers feel like they can ask us anything and are not afraid to call and ask questions, either before they buy or after they have purchased.

Why not come in and see us sometime?