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Here at Orchards we like to offer a wide range of furniture for the home. We realise that people have different tastes. One size definitely does not suit all.

It's not always easy to find great original pieces of furniture and sometimes when you do find a great looking piece it just doesn't match up on quality.

In the right setting this piece really does make a statement. Accessorised with a light touch it looks every bit the original art deco classic.

vintage cabinets, desks from Orchards in Bristol

Our take on this quirky vintage look. The solid wood makes this cabinet stand out. It's subtle coloured drawers give a modern take. It's a statement piece that will have visitors asking Where did you get that? Call it a sideboard, call it a cabinet, call it a chest of drawers, call it what you like and put it where you like. Furniture is so subjective isn't it?

What about this gorgeously vintage writing desk? When it comes to the home office, you really can go a little bit crazy. Of course, this beautiful piece of furniture doesn't have to be confined to the small room upstairs. It will look great as a dining or living room extra too.

We have lots of unusual and traditional pieces in store. It's one thing seeing it online, but another seeing it in real life!