Blog » A Leather Sofa is For Life Not Just For Christmas

Lush Leather...

Thinking of investing in a real leather sofa? Leather is a long term investment. Think of it as a life partner rather than fling so to speak!

There are many kinds of leather suites or stand alone sofas to choose from. Decide whether it's a vintage look you are going for or a sleek modern style. Either works and both really do make a room special.

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The thing with leather, is that you can wipe it down, dust it, vacuum it and hard wipe it. Fabric sofas aren't quite as versatile when it comes to ongoing care.

Leather can be a little cooler than standard fabric sofas and that is something to consider. A vintage leather looks incredible, even with a few scratches or marks. To it's advantage, any wear adds to the authenticity and general shabby chic appeal.

Modern leather styles tend not to adjust to scratches and stains in the same way. If you have cats, then be aware that they can really mess up your new sofa if you don't keep a close eye on them. Cat claws are not a leather sofa's friend!

What I love about leather is that it can be dressed up or down. Vintage leather looks great with some scatter cushions. I prefer non-uniform, so a mish-mash of all different styles, patterns and sizes. If you prefer to match your accessories then this also looks great, it's really a matter of taste and preference.

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