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Choose Big - Well Big Enough

There is a fine line between having a smaller compact table that allows you more space to move around the room and having a big enough dining table. When I say big enough, what I actually mean is big enough for all of the times you might be sitting around it and big enough for guests (sometimes unexpected ones)

You may think ‘well there are only three of us, why should I buy a bigger table than we need?' There is some logic here. The thing is, you aren’t thinking ahead. There will be a time when bigger is better.

You may not entertain all that often. The chance of you never wanting to seat more than three people however, is very slim.

Space is important too

You DO need to have around three feet of space in any direction. So one minute you’re saying go bigger and now you’re saying I need space?

I’m not saying fill your room so that it’s all table. I am saying going slightly bigger than you might otherwise have done whist still leaving room for people to move is the best way to think when you are choosing a new dining table.

Dining Chairs

You will also need to consider chairs. They will sit a little outside of the table edge so need to be taken into consideration.

Round Dining Tables

If you are very short on space then go for a round table every time. Round tables don’t have harsh edges therefore they compliment smaller rooms and going round means that guests don’t have to push past other guests chairs in order to pop to the loo!

Dining Table Styles

Don’t be afraid to go bold. I love statement pieces as long as they are balanced with some simplicity.

Modern tables in light colours give a sense of casual chic. Traditional solid wooden tables will last and last and also don’t do too badly with a touch of wear and tear.

If your children are likely to be completing homework at your dining table then always think ‘cover-up’ Even the hardiest vintage tables start to look a royal mess when they are covered in flat pen and biro. There is a fine line between authentic vintage wear and tear and ruined!

Large Farmhouse Style Tables

If you have a kitchen diner of the larger variety, then these statement making solid wooden tables are great for family get-togethers, homework, breakfast, dinner and just about everything else that you can do at a dining table. You may not think that you’ll use your table all that much. You probably will use it more than you think.