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Create The Illusion

It's possible to give the impression that you've hauled over a room and done a spot or re-decorating when in actual fact all you have done is added some well placed accessories.

Think large prints, fresh flowers on the mantel, lights around a large mirror, a modern or vintage rug in the centre of the room....the list goes on.

It's always best to come up with some sort of theme before you begin adding accessories or else you're in danger of getting carried away and ending up with lots of things but no real design.

A modern rug, against a solid wood floor or neutral carpet is a great way to start. Just adding this to a room, even if you do nothing else, will make a world of difference. Rugs are a great way of changing the look of a space without the hassle of pulling up your carpet to make way for a new one.

Fresh Flowers

It's not just a girl thing...fresh flowers make any room brighter and the fragrance, if subtle adds to the ambience. Flowers create mood, and the right selection can be a great addition to a living space. Try matching the colours to your surroundings.

Other Accessories

There are so many great home accessories out there. Whether you're looking for something ultra modern or more traditional. I like to add modern to traditional and vice versa.

Going vintage when it comes to accessories is very popular at the moment. Old is so Now! You might call it modern in fact. It's a bit contradictory but it sort of works.