Blog » How Do I Choose a Comfortable Sofa? Bristol Furniture Experts

So what exactly should you be doing in order to spend your hard earned money on a sofa that's going to stand the test of time. One that is an investment rather than a make-do?

  • Try before you buy
  • Measure up
  • Try it with cushions and without
  • Can you sleep on it in an emergency
  • Get it treated if it's fabric

Of course there are so many factors involved in choosing the best sofa for your room, your personality and your comfort factor.

Trying before you purchase is a must in our opinion. You really don't get any sense of how something feels under you by looking at pretty pictures online. It's a good way to get ideas and to make a short list, but nothing is as good as sitting your butt down on it and moving about a bit. Stretch out if you want to, we don't mind :)

If other people need to be taken into consideration then consider them before making your sofa choice. If you love a particular design but you know that your other half will hate it then might we suggest you refrain from getting your credit card out!

We know from experience that compromise is key when it comes to larger pieces of furniture. You both need to love your new sofa in order for it to work for you and long into the future.