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Bristol and Beyond

Live in Bristol? Want to know where to go for a new sofa, new dining table and chairs, bedroom furniture, bed and mattresses? Look no further than Orchards!

Why Orchards?

We have been around a long time so it's safe to say that we know a bit about furniture. We also know that we have to evolve. Tastes and fashion change over time and so does our furniture. But don't worry, that doesn't mean we'll give up the ever popular brands such as Sherborne anytime soon :)

We know what our customers like and we know what is on trend. If you are a new customer, then we're pretty sure we'll have something that suits your taste. Be it a brand new sofa or a new dining set.

Looking for Something Modern yet Vintage?

Yes that is a thing.

Re-engineered and Coastal Furniture in Store

furniture made from old boats and recycled wood, and "Industrial " furniture made from a mix of recycled woods combined with recycled metal elements to give an industrial style.

What About a Recliner?

These remain a popular today as ever.

recliner chairs bristol