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Renting houses in Bristol -- Renting often feels different to buying. It can be tricky for your house or flat to feel like your home. It's a whole different ball game than buying, you're always going to feel slightly different about a place when it isn't actually yours for keeps but at the same time with a bit of creativity it is possible to make a house your home even if you don't own it.

An understanding landlord is helpful of course. It's difficult when you aren't able to add fixtures and fittings or decorate to suit your style. Have a word with your landlord and ask if there are a few simple changes you can make and always offer to put it back as was when you leave.

I am a landlord and I am truly happy for my tenants to make small changes to the place as long as it benefits them and me. Generally they are looking to improve their own living space and make it theirs. I am happy for them to make the best of the space they have and I'm sure many landlords would feel the same way. As long as you don't go making holes in inappropriate places or knocking down walls!

Key to making a house a home, is the furniture you invest in. Finding the perfect solution for smaller properties is not as difficult as it may seem. Take a look at our recommendations for small houses and flats:

HOWARTH - Small Sofa


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A quality upholstered settee, made with hardwood screwed and glued frames.
High quality fibre filled seat, and blown fibre back cushions.
Complete with bolsters and scatters cushions, available in a range of fabrics.

This cute little piece is ideal for smaller properties. It comes in various sizes.

What about something ultra sleek and modern? Check out this

MARTINA sofa collection by Mayor.....

This stylish modern collection of sofas and chairs comes in from Spain, available in a beautiful collection of fabrics and leathers, along with sofa-bed options. Perfect fort guests staying over.

Think small coffee tables and compact chairs that don't have huge arms. You can pick up some great smaller pieces that will really enhance your space. Don't over fill the walls if you are dealing with a smaller space as this will only make it look smaller. A couple of additions are great. See how well this arrangement works. The simple blind is stylish but minimalist, perfect for a small space. Rugs are a great way to add a bit of extra interest to a room.