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Sleep Right....

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much impact your sleep has on your day?

Sleep is important for so many reasons; It’s how our body restores itself. If we get a restless night’s sleep then the chances are we will not be at our best the following day. Which means we will not perform as well at work, concentration will be impacted and energy levels will be lesser.

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Why Do We Sleep?

Or bodies have to sleep because it is essential in maintaining normal cognitive skills such as speech, memory, innovative and flexible thinking. Sleep plays a significant role in brain development. Imagine how you’d feel going three days with absolutely no sleep. You wouldn’t be functioning at full capacity, not even at half probably.

What Bed Is Best?

It really depends on you. Whether or not you suffer with any sort of back condition, whether you prefer a firm mattress or a soft one. As a rule the firmer mattresses tend to be better for customers with back discomfort. Hypnos Beds are renowned for their quality. They are bespoke and as Hypnos themselves confidently boast‘A Hypnos bed is the most comfortable bed you’ll ever own’

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Memory Foam contours the entire body without any gaps unlike innerspring mattresses. Most often, medium-firm mattresses let the spine rest in a natural position.

Of course there are many factors involved in us getting a good night’s rest. You may want to consider buying a new mattress or bed of course, but also consider these things; Are you switching off all technology well in advance of going to bed? What are you reading? Is it something relaxing and easy to read, or it is a tense thriller that sends your mind buzzing, setting off all of those endorphins? Are you drinking caffeine based drinks before retiring to bed?

An average adult should look to obtain around eight hours uninterrupted sleep per night. As we get older we will struggle to get eight hours sleep uninterrupted, even though we may need it more.

If an average person sleeps for eight hours a day, then they will sleep for 25 years of a 75 year life. That’s rather a shocking number when it’s there in black and white! So that makes it apparent that we really do need to look after our bodies as we sleep. We need to let them rest and recuperate, peaceful slumber is key!

Help, I Can’t Sleep!

Try not to worry too much if you can’t get off to sleep but if it becomes an ongoing problem and you’ve tried all of the usual things then it’s probably time to visit the Doctor for some advice.

Beats For Rest

If you are struggling to get a good night, then you may also want to consider Binaural Beats as a form of relaxation. There are all kinds of variations available. Just pop over to youtube and take a listen for free.

Daily exercise

Working out vigorously for just ten minutes per day is known to help you obtain a better sleep.


Keeping hydrated will ensure you don’t wake up with a headache.

Avoid Napping

Try to avoid napping during the day as this will most definitely affect your night time sleep.

Make Your Bed Your Friend

You want to look forward to going to bed. A comfortable bed is key. If you’re feeling restless and on top of that, your mattress is lumpy or you’re sinking into the middle of it then that will make you feel irritable and as we all know, the more we try to sleep the harder it is to sleep! If we’re feeling super cosy and comfortable then that’s half the battle won already.

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